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Yuvraj 🧢

“Every shadow no matter how deep is threatened by morning light!”

Every morning, I try working on a better me, with more hope and determination to accomplish what was left undone the previous day. As people say there are no rules for architecting a castle in cloud, I always work on myself to think of solutions. Be it a normal application or a high data driven application, there is always a scope for doing it better. It is very important for the foundation to be strong since it will be responsible to withstand the future, and high load. Trying to adapt myself to it, I aspire to be a Technical Architect someday.

Learning and Leadership are indispensable to each other. Working as Independent Consultant, I am learning to lead things to completion and learn as much as possible. Be humble, be teachable, give back to open source and always keep learning are few of the traits I have acquired working here.

I believe everything comes down to - Keep learning and keep training until we do it right.

Fun Fact : I might not remember the complexity of the radix sort algorithm, but I’m quite good in searching for it. All I learn this way then I use in my projects ... I ❤️ open source.