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Yuvraj 🧢

Life is a birdsong

kubernetes, india1 min read


The worlds needs people like you. The world is literally dying for your kind, Embrace that responsiblity, and you run with it. Get out there, earn your keep. Give back. It's not gonna be easy. Never gonna be easy, For much of it, You will stand alone but you have got to stand strong. You know, I beg you to not give into mediocrity, Like the other 98 percent of the world. Because you would be doing yourselves, and the world,a greatest disservice. You are all too smart to let it go to waste. And you have got one shot at this. One fucking shot. Don't let it a moment of it slip by. Grab it, snatch it up make it yours. Clelebrate every moment. Celebrate every fucking breath. I am telling you...Life is a birdsong. ~ Johnny depp,The Professor